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Why Japan?

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Clients In Japan

The Japanese market moves so fast, and the target groups have become so diverse, that it’s increasingly difficult for both domestic and foreign companies operating in Japan to keep a grip on what is out there. Cross-industry trends make this even more important, as technology trends move into the fashion space, fashion moves into F&B, and markets continue to overlap.

Our strength is that we know Japan from the streets to the boardrooms, and can aggregate that information into our reports, workshops, and Trend Tour market immersions. On top of this, we can tap into our global CScout network to provide services to Japanese companies interested in exploring the rest of the world.

Clients Outside of Japan

Whether or not you’re operating in Japan, the market is a gold mine of great ideas for helping companies around the world innovate.

Japan’s unique ecosystem, from ubiquitous mobile technology to extremely fast product cycles, ensures that businesses move in new directions all the time. Our clients outside of Japan are always looking for new product ideas, consumption patterns, and business models to keep their marketing and R&D departments on their toes. Whether it’s receiving constant information injections in reports and presentations, or bringing your team to Tokyo to experience trends at street level, we harness the power of Japan to help our clients do new things.

Those seeking to enter the Japanese market take advantage of our ability to create networks, foster idea exchange, and bring consumer markets to life.