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Intelligence Briefings

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Since 1997, CScout has been providing trend and market reports to the world’s most innovative companies. We work alongside internal marketing and innovation departments on current projects, but also take the lead with new topics that spark our interest. Report output can be in presentations, long-form reports, video, or other custom outputs.

Conference Reports

We are your eyes and ears. Japan is home to some of the most innovative conferences, tradeshows, and showrooms the world has to offer, but travel to Japan is time-consuming and expensive. CScout leverages its experience and knowledge to attend events for our clients, and give full custom reports including photos and video to keep you and your team up to speed without leaving home.


Through un-focus groups, video interviews, and other non-traditional forms of market research we can help you to understand what consumers want, and glean new ideas from their insights at the same time.