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Future Trends 2012: Florian Peter Speaking

Mandalah New York CEO Florian Peter will be speaking about “conscious innovation” at the upcoming World Future Trends Summit in Miami. The event will take place from October 15th to the 17th, and provide a lively forum on the state of global trends and innovation. Other notable speakers include Ben Relles, YouTube’s Head of Programming Strategy, who will discuss Transmedia; Tom de Blassis of Nike, on “game-changing days;” and Unilever’s manager of Open Innovation, Srinivasan Krishnan, on trend adaptation.

One of the highlights of the event will be the workshop sessions, in which participants can gain firsthand experience in topics like ethnography, scenario building, or rapid prototyping. Of course, the event will also have great opportunities for networking, not to mention a chance to enjoy the city of Miami. If you’re interested in attending, we encourage you to use the code FT12FP to receive 20% off the regular rate. Florian would also be happy to meet up, so if you’re already planning to attend drop us a line!

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CScout on NFC and Marketing in AdAge Magazine

It’s been a long time since we updated, but it’s been a long year! New homepage, office, and service introductions are forthcoming. We’re also hiring, so I’ll get that info out shortly as well.

This month I wrote an article about NFC trends and technology in Japan for the global issue of Advertising Age magazine. There’s a lot going on besides the examples I gave, but we’ve also been blogging it a bit more on the blog, such as Strappy and the latest GAP campaign.

You can check out the AdAge global issue and read the piece. Otherwise, stay tuned for lots of news on all fronts.

Conscious Innovation Launch in NYC

This month CScout NYC and Mandalah São Paulo & Mexico City got together to (finally!) debut our new alliance while among friends and clients in our NYC office. We here in Tokyo were unable to attend, but with our next global summit coming up soon there should be plenty of news coming up.


We call it Conscious Innovation, and there will be more on that soon. For now, have a look at the event, and get in touch if you have any questions.


Getting set up. We have a bigger office in Shibuya now, but to have that space in Tokyo would be incredible.


Mandalah co-founder Lourenço Bustani explains what we do…with enthusiasm!


Co-founder Igor Bothelho explains our motives.


Many thanks to all for attending!

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Join our NYC Event: CScout and Mandalah join forces

CScout NYC and our partners at Mandalah will be having an event on April 6th to debut our new collaboration and host a discussion panel of experts on Conscious Innovation. Please join us! With the events in Japan we aren’t sure if we’ll be able to make it ourselves, but will at least join it digitally and in spirit.

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New Office in Shibuya!

After several years in our office at Hanegi Shrine in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, we’ve moved our operations to a more versatile space in Shibuya. Basically, we want to be as mobile and flexible as possible, as well as right in the middle of Tokyo’s fast-moving culture. Hanegi is still our registered home office, but we’re spreading out a bit more.


Additionally, we’ll have news very soon of a new global alliance that will shape our projects in new ways from here on. We’ve very excited.

You can now find us here:

World Udagawa Building
7th Floor
Udagawa-cho 36-6
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042

Phone/FAX: +81.(0)3.6855.7386

Now Hiring Trend Analysts and Project Managers


***Thanks to all for applying! We’re always on the lookout for new talent, so don’t be afraid to get in touch, but this position has been filled for now***

CScout Japan is now hiring Trend Analysts and Project Managers to deal with another strong year of projects from our domestic and global client base. 2010 was our best year ever and saw tremendous growth in every market we’re active in. Now we’re restructuring, looking for another office in the Shibuya area, and bringing in fresh talent to propel us further!

We work with some of the world’s top companies to help them innovate and create new products and services for changing consumer markets. These range from quick market reports on a specific topic, to full-on ideation and innovation workshops around the globe.


The positions we’re filling are full-time, though we’re always on the lookout for qualified freelancers who fit certain niche needs. Starting salaries depend on skills and experience, and there is generous vacation time.

Your job:
- Creating custom reports on market trends
- Coordinating projects in Japan, as well as with our offices in NYC, São Paolo, and Mexico City
- Keeping the public informed about the latest in the market at
- Planning Trend Tour market immersions
- Researching specific topics, from mobile to automotive, to keep our clients up to speed

Your qualifications:
- Residence in Tokyo
- Valid visa for working in Japan
- Multitasking
- Unending curiosity about the Japanese market
- Ability to track and analyze trends
- Bilingual English & Japanese (more also a plus!)
- Familiarity with both Microsoft & Apple office suites
- Versatile writing style

- An eye for design
- Outgoing personality
- Video / Photo shooting & editing skills
- International experience
- Enthusiasm for social media, both Japanese and English


While we appreciate the heaps of international inquiries we receive, these positions are only for the Japanese market and require a current Japanese visa. Please inquire via our contact form if you are interested in joining our growing global team!

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